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We absolutely agree - clients should certainly check all fees and terms and make sure they're in a fully informed position. That said, we are a fully regulated and audited advisory firm with thousands of happy clients around the world. If you have any specific issue with a product or service please do be in touch and we will endeavour to rectify this immediately.

Stay away from them, they are quick to grab your investment but overall experience is bad, probably one of the worst customer services my wife and i have experienced. They take ages to respond to your queries, and at times not always accurate, and their attitude sucks.

I am surprise they can last this long !! Beware potential investors, you are helping to fund these cowboys who has a posh offices in Zurich. Clearly the fees will help to fund their lifestyle.

With regards to fees do CHECK and request the terms and conditions of ALL the fees as they are not all crystal clear and make sure you check and is 100% clear on everything as they are quick to assume because you sign on the dotted line, you must understand. But if you can, avoid them at all costs

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Belgrave Investment Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Teach the dealers manners, EQ and how to improve customer qualities. Their attitude really sucks.

Chase Belgrave Cons: Customer services provided by dealers.

Store Location: Dreikönigstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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Chase Belgrave have been liquidated. They now operate out of Mauritius under Chase Belgrave Limit d.

Since January 2013 they have been operating on a unregulated basis after Polyreg stopped regulating them.

Tourbillion in Gibralta were going to regulate them but that never happened. They are crooks and I am chasing them through 5 different countries to track them down.




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