Simon Dansfield at Chase Belgrave has never made me feel more relaxed with my pension. To be honest, I wouldn't have know that service like this was in any way special had I not been round the houses with three local "expat" IFAs here in Spain.

Regular valuations, explanations of my investments and how they relate to long term global events and information on what changes need to be made in order to keep my pension income on track. Everything visualised clearly in emails and backed up by a phone conversation. He also organised international health cover with myself and my family which unfortunately we had to use recently.

Try as I might I couldn't organise this myself but Simon had the knowhow to do it quickly and simply. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Belgrave Personal Investment Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Chase Belgrave Pros: Immediate responses to emails, Service, Investment growth.

Store Location: Ecija, Andalusia

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Interesting reading I recently asked this company for some pension transfer advice. Without any real examination of my personal circumstances they produced a recommendation, which was an offshore QROPS in Malta with a Royal London 360 bond!

Firstly i made the point i wanted the money to remain in cash, no mention of this in the report and no mention at all of charges,commission etc.

Having invested in bonds before i know they pay commission which is claimed back through high charges on a quarterly basis, which was not what I wanted. the service was very friendly but I am afraid that the advice was extremely poor .


But have you actually tried to draw out your pension???? That will be the real test believe me.

I have also had great Advisors but when the moment comes for pension withdrawal suddenly all the options seem to have disappeared. Sorry to be so negative but this is the case for so many.


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