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Dear Sir, thank you for your review. We would like to help immediately but we need more details in order to locate your account, the figures you quote don't seem to tally with anything we have on file at this stage. It is true that in order to provide greater regulatory scope we relocated from Switzerland to Mauitius over a year ago, Chase Belgrave have never been regulated anywhere else. Moreover, in 13 years of operation we've never had a complaint upheld against us. However, we will do our best to help, please do get in touch as soon as possible to rectify this situation.
Dreikönigstrasse, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Update by user Oct 16, 2018

Chase Belgrave are denying I was a client despite paperwork submitted to each of the jurisdictions they operate in on an unregulated business. I am contacting multiple jurisdiction and they are currently under investigation so the evidence is totally transparent. Chase Belgrave can flood this site with fake reviews but I will continue to ensure that nobody else gets scammed by them,

Update by user Oct 16, 2018

Please provide a contact details and I will be happy to send all the details. Perhaps you want the fraudulent paperwork submitted by Justin Harris or perhaps the continual investigation into the link you had with Polycom which finished in January 2014 or the fact you set up Tourbillion but never used it and operated on an unregulated basis.

I have personally started investigations through Zurich, Isle of Man, Mauritius, London and made STM Malta aware you were operating on an unregulated basis. Please tell me what else you need to prove the case. Here is a classic Justin Harris e mail James, Helen Thank you for the difficult call earlier today. My recommendation for the remaining cash in your account is as follows: please explore the website.

Your current value is £138099. 7% more than this is £147770. If, under my advice, your portfolio doesn't increase by that 7% between now and the end of the year (around 6 months), I will resign as your IFA and pay you £15000.

That is my confidence. Justin Harris Director Chase Belgrave Dreikonigstrasse 31a Zurich 8002 Switzerland +41 435086938

Update by user Sep 01, 2018

Update. I have traced Chase Belgrave via Gibralta, Switzerland, UK, Mauritius, Isle of Man, Malta and the search continues.

In January 2017 Chase Belgrave lost their regulation in Switzerland through Polyreg. This matter is being investigated through FINMA in Switzerland. Gibralta held regulation through a company called Tourbillion but that was a front and Gibralta have confirmed no connection. Chase Belgrave was liquidated with no assets and now operate in Mauritius under Chase Belgrave Limited and I will continue to do everything to bring them to justice and get my money back.

Justin Harris has confirmed he never provides advice and therefore does not need regulation to the Gibralta Financial Services Commission so clearly he is a crook. I will update this as I get further but I intend to get every penny back and stop them from doing this to somebody else.

Original review posted by user Jul 31, 2018

4 years ago we transferred 270,000 GBP into a QROPS scheme managed by Justin Harris. After quoting his writing for the Guardian and quotes from The Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments we proceeded. Our risk profile was cautious with an emphasis on protecting capital over return.

Based upon this we felt confident in our dealings. Fast forward 3 years and the fund is now worth 160,000 GPB and Justin Harris asks us to give him 6 months to put it right or he would resign and pay us 15,000 GBP.

Come 6 months and the fund has gone down more and Justin Harris refuses to resign as our IFA without a non disclosure form being signed.

By the time we get him out the picture in February 2018 it has lost even more and continues to do so as funds are front loaded with fees. After lodging complaints with every Financial Institution I could find it appears Justin Harris and Chase Belgrave are not regulated by anybody.

Further, the quote from Simon Culhane of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments appears to be a lie. The Guardian washed their hands of him and now it appears that he has moved to Mauritius.

I can only assume this is a common practice for him and Chase Belgrave. I will be following this trail until I get my money back and can only take this opportunity to avoid Justin Harris and Chase Belgrave like the plague.

Reason of review: Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $190000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Chase Belgrave Pros: Initial professionalism.

Chase Belgrave Cons: Losing 190k because of his actions.

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