I initially came to Chase Belgrave with a serious problem. I had transferred my pension and found out it was not compatible with the tax regulations of my home country.

My accountant advised me to fix it quickly before I was audited. When I let Chase Belgrave know about this they immediately set to work. There was quite a lot of paperwork of course but step by step I was able to transfer the pension back to the UK and into a SIPP which actually turned out to be much cheaper than the initial advice I'd received. Communication was also excellent but it really just seems incredible to me that my encounter with Chase Belgrave actually worked out saving me money.

I'm not a risk taker and I let them know that from the start so my pension has grown modestly over the past year under their care but that is fine with me. I now know where everything is, what it costs and how to access my money and that peace of mind is priceless.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Chase Belgrave Pros: Immediate responses to emails, Professionalism.

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